Health & Movement Coach, Global Presenter, IoM Programming Officer, ViPR PRO Educator

I empower TRAINERS to be fearless, confident AND efficient professionals using one on one mentoring and LIVE educational workshops. I help PEOPLE to live A healthier and happier life, move with efficiency and create body-wide resiliency by designing Online SUSTAINABLE ProActive Health Plans.


Welcome to my page and thank you for being here. I share passion, unique ideas & education with coaches like yourself. I know that you are excited to grow and have the desire to share with others.

My hope is to provide clarity and simple strategies, avoid frustration and confusion and improve confidence and enjoyment by empower you with a sustainable plan in hand to be the best guide for yourself and people around you. As a result, you love coaching for longer and clients follow their resilient, well-educated, empathetic and energetic coach.

Over the past years, I coached thousands of people who searched for a perfect solution. Perfection is tough to find, and mostly it’s to our detriment. Rather than being perfect, I follow “Better Beats Perfect”. This mantra has the power to unlock a lot of potential and allow you to fully love what you do.

Half of my life I played ice-hockey, the other half I am investing my time and energy into coaching. I started with fitness, movement solutions and programming for improving daily performance. However, being a part of an incredible organisation such as Institute of Motion is allowing me to explore the future of our industry, a preventative health space.

Each week has 168 hours, on average we sleep 56 hours and spending 4 hours in the gym. That is 108 hours left that consists of a series of daily habits in the environment we create for ourselves. Therefore, it's clear that what we do during the day matters more than what we do in the gym if we want to live a long, enjoyable and meaningful life.

So I realised that Health is paramount. Being healthy and resilient is above being fit and strong. Ideally, we connect both worlds with an emphasis on health first. In order to do that we must enter the space of variability and continuum based thinking.

The world needs more prevention care specialists. Those who will have the expertise how to engineer all health pillars and being able to maximise the potential of each continuum.
— Simon Bennett, Human Performance Specialist and former Director of Coaching at Edmonton Oilers