For almost 5 years we have been working hard to make EvoPrime Fitness a part of people’s every day life. From day one, we believed in the power of education and empowering our members to take care of their own health. When Healthy Before Fit was created, I began to face a constant challenge. How can I influence those who can’t be a part of face to face coaching?

What would you say if I offered you a program which allows you to change your life, reduces stress not causes more, removes the worries about what is right and what is wrong and use it from the comfortability of your home, local park or even a local gym - all under my guidance? This program would be tailored to your specific needs and expectations. It would be designed based on your equipment and time availability, your personal preferences and it would be 100% safe to follow. 

This is exactly what HBF Online Coaching is offering.

Who can benefit from the program:

  • busy mums exercising at home or local park

  • for anyone who doesn’t like gyms or don’t have time to go there BUT still need a guidance

  • for anyone who feels trapped in current repetitive routine

  • for coaches who don’t have time to design their own program, you will learn a new library and approach so you can use with your own clientele

  • if you travel regularly - I love to design hotel sessions

So, if you are still reading this, you are probably curious to find out more.


Firstly, well functioning body is not just about the exercise. The exercise is a part of something more important what we collectively call HEALTH.

Health comes in many different forms and in multiple layers. For example, let’s pretend you want to improv the stress control so you can sleep better, digest well, successfully deal with the day to day situations and move with ease. Well, there are myriad strategies how to do it and sustainably control it. However, this has nothing to do with exercise directly. It’s about Health Coaching.

Screen Shot 2018-10-11 at 11.21.13 am.png

Life environment influences our behaviour and behaviour is closely anchored to an outcome.

Then, there is the exercise part. A structured exercise program is very valuable part of our well-being, injury prevention and life strength. I highly value quality of movement and I think we shouldn’t sacrifice quality over quantity. However, there is a fine line between being obsess or let things go with “better beats perfect”.

The question is; how do we learn in life? We do it by putting ourselves under the safe environment and practice the skills. Then, we adapt and progress.

This is called DIFFERENTIAL LEARNING – this, however, doesn’t mean I put you under a risky environment!

Thanks to my unique exercise selections you can afford to make a small mistake, without causing any harm. Potentially it may just provide a slightly different stimulus to the body but the overall outcome will still be achieved. Simply, I will create a very safe environment for you.


For more accurate program design and safety, you will receive full on-boarding form to fill in. This form is designed to gather important information about you, your health, your hobbies, your work and your sport and medical history. All details you share with me are treated with the highest level of privacy and respect.

Additionally, I can ask for postural photos and/or movement video.


I use the same methods and organisation steps like I do face to face. The program is still a program so probably the biggest question mark comes to the equipment and space availability. For this reason I have very extensive Vimeo exercise library using a variety of training equipment or body-weight drills.

Whether you wish to train at home with no or minimal equipment, in the local park using bands and medicine-ball, for example or take the program into the fully equipped gym, I design your program you need.

Read some clients words HERE

There is 6 major themes involved in the program design. Two of them (Recovery and Activation) come with every theme. Based on the subscription level, you either receive a program with 1 theme, 2 themes or all inclusive.

Subscriptions available

Training Themes available

Training Themes available


You have 3 main ways how to obtain your program.

  1. Using desktop computer version - great for every new program you will receive.

  2. Using mobile application - great for immediate access in the park or gym, after you learn your program on desktop. See the example HERE

  3. Via desktop, you can print out your program in form of PDF - great for those who remember the program and all they need is a little thumbnail to recall.

If you are ready to join CLICK HERE


I believe remote training is real and can be very useful. Technology may have contributed to some pf our issues but it may also provide solution.  

If high level of sustainable health is what you want to achieve, then this Online Coaching is here to help.