Working title for this blog post was "How to Fly like a Boss". 

No no, this doesn't mean I am flying business class (I must be doing something wrong😂). I was on the last leg from Australia to Jakarta and was thinking about Chantel. She really doesn't like airports and all about it. So I took my phone and said to myself let's maybe help more Chantels:).

I stopped counting how many trips I made this year but I am sure that there's still at least 7 left within next 3.5 months. There's a lot of things in life which makes me really curious and flying is one of them - how incredible! Sometimes the view is breathtaking isn't it? But, it usually take just a few minutes before you reach 8000km and it's gone. All you can see are the white pillows and never ending sky.


The airports, the food, masses of people (sometimes sick), dry air, rumours about plane food etc...I am with you guys.

However, if you have to fly often and make things happen - the right mindset can do wonders. I believe in mindset? I actually think that you can make yourself sick if you are, you know, too much😜. 

Here's a few strategies I follow when I'm flying. I start with something non-negotiable. Be on time! I am that kind of person who like to be at the airport sooner rather than last minute. The rush isn't my middle name. Here is the list of other "things" I personally believe are important (for me at least): 

  • Asking for aisle seat - it's important to get up often and as I said when you are too high your view isn't as important anyway. You can also stretch your legs and make them pumping.

  • Immediately adapt to a local time - if I embark the flight at 9.30pm, at 10.30pm is not a time for a plane dinner, it's a sleep time. Eye cover on and whilst others having "great" meal I sleep. Contrary, if I land at 1pm local time I stay up until 9pm local time regardless how tired I am. A shower, water, good food and gentle/rhythimcal mobility + outside walk are always helpful.

  • Preparing /bringing my own meal - whatever it is - you must know what's in it and who made it. I mostly get some fresh meat with potatoes, nuts, banana pancakes or beef jerky.


  • Having a cup of broth before and straight after the flight to rebuild my immune system. No, you are not going to carry a slow cooker. Find out here what I am recommending.

  • Using essential oils to protect myself. Yes I'm one of them thanks to my smart wife. I believe they work.

  • Deep breathing practices multiple times before, during and after the flight to normalise your nervous system for better digestion, immune system, tolerance, movement.

  • Avoiding sitting when waiting for the flight - you are sitting a lot during the flight so try to move, roll, stretch. People sitting for couple of hours in front of the gate to top it up by another 8 hours of sitting.

  • I am nice to the crew😊. They will always help you with whatever you need. It's good to have them in your corner. Including when check-in. Do you know how many times I was upgraded without paying?

  • I know the rules! You know all those annoying things such as you are allowed maximum 100ml liquid (110ml can blow up the plane), laptop out during the screening or stove your PC or put mobile phone into the fly mode (this one annoys me😂), yeah and please don't forget to switch off your smart watch! But anyway, to know the rules will help you to save some energy because you know you won't win anyway.

  • Packing carry on luggage carefully - meaning you know exactly where the small items are. Again you will save some extra energy. I love packing bags. Am I weird?

  • Waking up my body at the end of the flight by tapping on the skin. Head to feet! It does not matter how it looks.

  • Avoiding airport/plane temptations such as soft drinks, chocolates etc. Your immune system will thank you later. it's mostly bad for you anyway.

  • Doing my research. If you are flying to an unknown airport make sure you roughly know where things are. Be organised. Same is with the destination, search cafes and restaurants and their menus.

  • Not allowing anyone to make me upset. I just move on.

  • Being positive and thinking about nice things. My favourites are: beach/hammock/ocean/palms and my wife.

Here you go. Flying can sucks but maybe you can instead appreciate that you are in the sky, watching TV and resting while someone else is carrying you over the ocean whenever you need to be. 

So, as I am slowly descending to Jakarta I feel blessed to have this mindset and enjoy flying. By the time I am posting this I already had a great lunch with a friend, 15 minutes of strength training, massage and swim and was able to find some fresh food to re-hydrate my tissue and body. Now let's back to work and inspire coaches. 

Jakarta is little bit smoky today:).

Jakarta is little bit smoky today:).


And one more thing - those folks in the business class! You shouldn't complain at all😂😂.