I had countless conversations about the necessity of Self-Care, in other words, looking after your own body and mind. Be able to physically do “stuff”, play with the kids or grand kids, have abundance of energy to create an income and/or being able to join your friends in a golf day (or whatever, you got the idea). 

In this post however, I want to briefly talk about, for me personally, probably the most important reason (s). Your wife, husband, boyfriend, girlfriend, sister, mother, dad, brother.

These are the closest people to your heart and they are always there for you. Their happiness and quality of life depends on yours. If you are down they are struggling, if you are on top of the world, they have no worries. 

How would YOU feel to see them struggle, be unhappy, literally losing the life? Would you like it or would this be heartbreaking for you? We all know the answer. Well, you just reversed the scenario. You put yourself into their shoes. I do this “trick” VERY often.


You know, a long time ago I realised that the more self-health selfish I will be, the more I make Chantel happy. She needs me strong, vibrant, resilient and healthy. As long as I am ticking all these boxes she’s ticking them too.  

With my current knee struggle though, this hasn’t been the case. My personal identity is daily movement, empower and inspire people to live active lifestyle. Be a role model for people seeking health help. This however doesn’t mean that I’m untouchable. Right now, it is not there and I noticed how worried Chantel is 😰.

I’m doing all in my power to get back to who I’m every day. Patience, positive mindset, belief and discipline are recently my best friends. For myself but also for my girl ♥️. 


You don’t have the luxury to wait for something to happen. As my friend Ken always says “the time is now”.

My other friend Michol told me over the phone. Janny, take care of your health DAILY and if something happen, trust your body that it will be able to deal with it. Lo(i)ve your life. 



Love Jan