I believe that everyone would benefit from acquiring at least two of the points below. Let’s see what is realistic for you. 


Being negative about “things” took us nowhere. I’m not suggesting to stop being realistic but everything is way more enjoyable with a positive thinking. 

In fact, it’s not only enjoyable but vital for our health, longevity and well-being. Your mindset influences your cell’s behaviour which can dramatically affect your quality of life. 

Sure, there will be moments you won’t be able to shake off easily, in these cases take a time to process and breath through them but it’s important you bounce back as soon as you can. Have fun. 

It’s all about how you perceive moments (particularly the negative ones). Every dark experience has some bright side. Find it. You can see it as obstacle or an opportunity, the choice is yours.



There’s hardly anything back or white in life.. In the old days I thought 💭 there is but I found out that there’s almost always a grey. 

If someone preaches extremes, question it. If you are struggling with something, pause, calm down and try to find the counter approach. Be curious, find the right education, ask the right people. 

I can’t tell you how many times I hit the wall 🥵 by having a binary internal conversation. Be better! Be smart and be open. 


EXAMPLE: one of many…in the world of health and fitness, people preach what THEY like or what works for THEM (I was one of them). But we know that things aren’t that simple. I, for example, love vibration roller from Hyperice, while others feel worse after using it and they pick roller from Waveblade instead.


Too much of something (even the good) is the same like too little of something. Almost every aspect of our body requires variability - the middle ground in the right dosage (Goldilocks principle).

If your personal situation is asking you to be a little biased, I understand and go for it, but this doesn’t and shouldn’t hold you back from adding something from the other end. I can promise you it will be worth it down the track. 


EXAMPLE: again, way too many so I challenge you to find an opposite behaviour to what’s your current one (walk & run, standing & sitting, plant & animal food...). 

The most important deciding factor : the dosage. Everything is dose response.


There’s a lot of people who have the ability to bring others down by being too smart, too selfish, too loud, too disrespectful and/or having lack of empathy and too much authority. Don’t be one of them.

This, however, doesn’t suggest you to be quiet and agree with something which is ethically wrong. Listen to what they want to say, have a meaningful and respectful conversation and find out more. Remember, everybody has a story. Be careful.

Chantel is making some FREE samples for people. Every single time. She pays the postage, make her kitchen messy, she gets out of her way - to make someone else’s day special!

Chantel is making some FREE samples for people. Every single time. She pays the postage, make her kitchen messy, she gets out of her way - to make someone else’s day special!

The examples how you can lift people up:

- send them a regular supportive message (Bitmoji) , call or visit them 

- comment and ♥️ their social media posts  (even if you personally don’t need it, they might)

- learn if they like to receive a hug, a word of affirmation or a gift ( we are all different, don’t assume)

- if you disagree with their philosophy, try to find out more or don’t get involved at all

Treat everyone with respect and kindness and treat them how YOU would like to be treated.


Your life will be much easier if you will be YOU. In the past, I tried to be someone else. People see through it, always. Sooner or later it won’t do any good for you.   

People who know you, respect you for who you are (unless you are a killer 🤦‍♂️).

YOU ARE allowed to make a mistakes. Everybody does. Acknowledge them, apologise for them and correct them. I made TONS of mistakes in my life. All I could do was to apologise, regret and ask for forgiveness. Not every time I received forgiveness. So I let go. Try to let go.

Also, YOU DO NOT HAVE to be perfect or look the best. Don’t punish yourself. Be a human being with a good heart.

FORGET about pleasing others, this is literally impossible regardless how hard you try. People will always judge you and have an opinion of you or your actions. You don’t need everyone. You need genuine people who will trust and support you for YOU. This is where real influence coming alive.  


Be unapologetically yourself but always respectful and caring.


OK, I left this one as last because you wouldn’t continue in reading after the title 🤣. But let me explain.

YOU CAN NOT be a great parent, a caring friend, a fearless leader...without taking care of YOU. You must be resilient, energetic, vibrant - well, you must be healthy. The global health, bodily function and resiliency are your main priorities. Anything else is secondary.

In order to be strong for others I suggest being strong yourself first. Be selfish about your health, prioritise physical activity, exercise, sleep, healthy eating, schedule vacation and more. 


These are some of my goals I want to get better at or continue to work on. What are yours?

Please let me know in the comment below. Have a wonderfull and healthy 2019. This is your year.  ♥️