By far, the most common question you have been asking me for years. And it's a fair one so I filmed this video where I am showcasing how to do it, using this simple, brilliant and common drill called Lateral Shift. 



1. If you select the load too heavy your movement will most likely become rigid and segmented. Rhythm & Timing is one of the most important training principles with ViPR PRO.

MY ADVICE: women can start with 6kg and men with 8kg. Using manipulations below you will be easily able to program for all themes: Activation, Mobility, Strength, Cardio, Power, Recovery.



The length, diameter and the number of grips make VIPR Pro very unique.

Remember that not all progressions must be necessary progressions. We all are different and I experienced many scenarios was progression was, in fact, regression and vice versa.

- - - 

1. CHANGE THE GRIP; hands closest to the midline will make the weight the lightest whilst a wide grip provides more force through the body. Don't forget ViPR Pro has other grips to use in order to load your body. Variability is the key. 

- - -

2. CHANGE THE VECTOR; moving the ViPR Pro towards the ground will make it light, whilst moving it through the air in the mid-height will challenge you more. If you move the ViPR Pro above the shoulder height, it will start becoming more of a lift. Lifting can be easier than shifting. Again, change the vectors, not just the ViPR Pro but your body if your goal is to create whole-body robustness

- - -

3. CHANGE THE LEVERAGE; moving the ViPR Pro close to the body (better leverage) will make it less challenging and it's a great way to introduce it to your clients. As soon as we take the hands (with ViPR Pro) away (worst leverage) from the body the weight will increase. 


Guys, I hope this simple example helps you to start exploring your programming and make things more clear for you. reach me out if you need any help BUT more importantly: 

1. If you can, attend any LIVE ViPR Pro workshops. These live events are priceless in regards learning, practising and asking questions.

2. Follow ViPR Pro on Instagram. There is already a lot of inspiration for you