HOW DO I START THE DAY - the basic ritual


I value any part of the day. I think what we do, how we behave, and what sort of environment we create during the liveable hours (excluding sleep) is so essential to our health and longevity. But if one specific phase stands out, it's the morning.

What we do the first thing after we wake up can give us the direction during the day and influence the night - aka how we sleep., and this can go both ways. Therefore, I will share with you how my typical morning looks like to create awareness of morning ritual no matter how busy yoU are. Of course, I won't share with you how I am cleaning my teeth or how long I am spending in the bathroom, but more how I take care of my body.


Regardless I have more or less time; I try not to skip this crucial element of the day. Not every day, I can afford to work on my body for 30 minutes, in this respect - better beats perfect.

To complete and fully enjoy the routine I need between 4-15 minutes. The total time depends on:

  • How I feel - I can be more tired and stiff, or I can feel pretty good. The worse I am the more time I invest. It’s NOTHING worse than begin the day with feeling physically limited.

  • How much time I have - this one is straight forward. Again, even in the busiest time, I don’t skip it.

  • What is the actual weather - this one is interested, but if it’s more cold and miserable, I tend to spend less time with movement and more time with breathing.


When I open the bedroom door, 🚪 the first thing I see is our self-care corner. It is where we have all the tools ⚒ for taking care of our body. It reminds me to do step one.



I go to the kitchen and drink one large glass of water. Recently I have been using the collagen product below in the water. I will also boil a kettle and pour water over my favourite broth paste from Best of the Bone. After it's done ✅, it takes me back to the room.



It’s time for self-care. I always start with a mix of vibration, gentle rolling and rub/scrub. Then, it’s time for slow and rhythmical thoracic and hip mobilisers. I do;

  • 3-4 exercises per joint in 6-8 reps

  • If I have less time I do 1-2 drills, but I don’t skip)

  • 1-2 foot activation exercises

  • 1-2 more dynamic whole body moves

Below are some videos of my routine. They are simple and obvious for the reason. My body doesn’t crave complexity first thing in the morning, it craves movement. However, I must mention that I rotate drills frequently.


It’s time to go out on the fresh air and with as less clothes as possible I engage in breathing and eyes mobilising. I also run through some gratefulness in my head.

Our serenity

Our serenity


By this time I feel already amazing and completely ready for my day. I do this ritual at least five out of seven days a week and I can 💯 % feel the difference when I skip it.

  • My mood is different - i can be easily irritable and less easy to deal with

  • My daily movement is influenced - things aren’t so smooth usually. I feel like everything inside me is sticky, body doesn’t want to move.

  • My clarity - this one is huge for me. When I skip my morning routine I can forget things easily, it takes me some time to recall situations, answer a question or come up with a new ideas


Speaking to many people around the world, I know they don’t do their routine and reasons are always different. I can’t make them to engage in this but I would also say that they don’t know how this 7 minutes can make them feel. Contrary, when people tell me they did their routine they always say, “Omg, I felt so amazing, like never before “.

For me, my morning ritual is about two things:

  1. Sustainability

  2. Enjoyment

You know, there is a loop. If things are simple I can do it more often because I don’t have to burn too many cognitive calories. Because I feel amazing afterwards I enjoy what I do so I can do it more often. Does this make sense?

If you are looking for some inspiration, I am adding some exercises and routines HERE.