These three channels are designed to make your life easier. It’s that simple. Whether you are lost in the confusion, on the travel with no access to gym and equipment or short of ideas and need some inspiration, I want this portal to be your guide.

What includes in each channel:

  • HD videos with the audio guidance (Body-Weight & 4Q)

  • Easy to select title to safe your time searching

  • Repetitions, sets and intensity suggestions for each session

  • Guidance how to select the right training mode to achieve sustainably desired outcome

  • An instructional video how to manipulate exercise to make it hard or easy (Body-Weight & LMT)



You are travelling, you want to conveniently train in the park or at home, you are hungry to learn some new exercises or perhaps you need to supplement your gym sessions.

Inside the channel you will find a short sequences for recovery days but also for days you want to challenge yourself.

This channel is designed for everyone who doesn't have or doesn't want to use any equipment. This can be for various reasons.

All sequences are whole body sessions and are maximum of 10 minutes in length (you can make them longer by adding more sets). Ground to Stand, Hip De-Coupling or Restorative Poses are included.

The themes selected in this channel are: Activations, Mobility, Strength, Power, MetCon and Recovery




Variability is THE key principle of longevity and injury prevention. Imagine that your training program consists only heavy lifting. Sooner or later your body will ask you to slow down because it won’t be able to handle the repetitive stress. This example applies to every training modality.

4Q stands for “FOUR QUADRANTS”. In this channel we will train body-weight and with the sub-maximal load, we will move in linear direction (forward/backwards & up/down but also to the side and in rotation.

IoM's 4Q is the first training model that programs exercise for both Health-based outcomes and Sustainable Performance. 

Every session is designed for maximum of 30 minutes.

The themes selected in this channel are: Strength, Power and Metabolic Conditioning




Whether you are moving the furniture around the house, a child from the ground to your arms or a grocery shopping from trolley to the car you need to be resilient, reactive and you have to do it for a lifetime. LMT (i.e., movement-based resistance training) is a critical aspect of our life that is far too often overlooked or never truly understood. Speed, efficiency, positional strength, mobility, body resiliency and stability are all maximised with loaded movement training. 

This channel provides a library of myriad LMT exercises designed to achieve strong and resilient body structure.

It is a great tool for coaches library as well as channel to go for inspiration and uniqueness. The core of this channel are Deadlift & Deadshift.

The equipment used in this channel: ViPR Pro, Sandbell/MedBall, Dumbells, Band