Deadstarts: The missing link in Strength Training

Workshop Description: When you think of deadlifting, you probably think of picking up a heavy barbell off the ground and lifting it to hip height. While this has a myriad of benefits to our overall strength, there is something really important missing from a typical deadlifting protocol: Many “Deadlifts” in real life demand moving a Sub-maximal load or our own mass (Bodyweight) from variable postures and moving mass in variable directions.

Think of lifting a sleeping child out of a crib, shifting the groceries out of the deep part of the car trunk, or getting up from a lying position. In this workshop we’ll explore techniques related to the idea of Deadstarts, including Deadlifting, Deadshifting and Ground-to-Standing, all which are designed to help our clients develop the functional strength needed for many life and sporting endeavours.


  • Define Deadstarts and justify their need in a Strength Training Protocol

  • Practice implementing various Deadlifting and Deadshifting exercises, including regressions and progressions

  • Practice implementing various Ground-to-Standing exercises, including regressions and progressions

  • Build Deadstart Workouts that can be immediately applied to one’s own training and to various clientele types

  • Investigate Case Studies that demonstrate Deadstarts as part of a Strength and Conditioning Program


  • 6 hours of content

  • e-Manual with all practical exercises

  • Certificate of Completion

  • Exclusive access to FB Alumni group for ongoing support