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At work you are challenged by project’s deadlines or you have to lead the team of people. Your annual schedule is filled with airports, hotel rooms and unpredictable food choices. And when you are finally at home you are craving a family or friends time. But you have no energy left in your tank. Your sleep is poor and your body is braking down, this affects not just your work performance but your quality of life.

I get it, life is busy, and unfortunately all of it above can result in making at a time convenient but down the track unhealthy choices. Unfortunately the answer aren’t hard session in the gym or that one special diet someone told you to be on. These are short lived. How do I know? I worked with thousands of busy company owners , just like you.

Elite Health Coaching has three parts: personal movement coaching, remote self-care strategies, and a well-being network of trusted practitioners to guarantee your best results.

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Curious about how Healthy Before Fit is different? It starts with the Goldilocks challenge – finding the sweet spot where your experience, ability, and the things that matter to you lay the foundation for a plan that feels just right.

Daily movement is a crucial component to preventing disease & all-cause mortality, accelerating work performance, improving the ageing process and fighting cognitive decline. But not just movement plays a pivotal role in your journey. Environment dictates behaviour.” Hence If you want to change a habit or behaviour, you have to be willing to improve your environment. Working with me is your first step.

I packaged all experience and real-life scenarios into a seamless ProActive Health Plan which will save your time, accelerate your productivity, provide the necessary energy for your leadership and make you feel resilient to tackle your busy schedule.


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