The Complete Guide to Metabolic Flexibility

Workshop Description: In our recent history, High Intensity Interval Training (H.I.I.T.) has been all the rage in various training circles, and for good reason considering its numerous benefits. However, excessive high intensity training comes at a cost to our long term Health, not to mention the same, repetitive stimulus becomes less effective over time. That’s where Metabolic Flexibility comes in, a training approach that promotes Variable Metabolic Conditioning to enhance our ability to switch efficiently between our different energy systems to meet the demands of the various tasks in life and sport.

In other words, you’ll walk away with an ability to develop Metabolic Conditioning programs for optimal health and sustainable performance.


  • Define Metabolic Flexibility

  • Discover IoM’ 4Q MetCon Model and justify how it promotes health and sustainable performance

  • Build 4Q MetCon Workouts that can be immediately applied to one’s own training and to various clientele types

  • Investigate Case Studies that demonstrate 4Q MetCon for different goals

  • Practice 4Q MetCon drills


  • 6 hours of content

  • e-Manual with all practical exercises

  • Certificate of Completion

  • Exclusive access to FB Alumni group for ongoing support