Engineering Health and Performance using the 4Q System


Engineering Health and Performance using the 4Q System


Ask most aging athletes and fitness enthusiasts what 20 years of repetitive exercise and training will do to the body: Run down....overused.... broken bodies.  That's because many training programs enhance fitness, but are not sustainable for long-term health or performance. IoM's 4Q Training Model is the first and only training model that programs exercise for both Health-based outcomes and Sustainable Performance. After this workshop, you’ll walk away with an ability to design workouts that will keep your clients healthy and performing at the highest level for years to come!

This all-inclusive approach to exercise programming takes advantage of "Structured Variability", a concept that programs variable exercise to achieve specific training goals. 

In this 1-Day workshop, you'll learn how to program for Mobility, Strength, and Power using IoM's 4Q Training Model for all client types.

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Learning Objectives:

  • Discover IoM’ 4Q Training Model and justify how it promotes health and sustainable performance

  • Classify exercises into each of the 4 quadrants for various training adaptations including Strength, Power, Mobility and Cardio.

  • Build 4Q Workouts that can be immediately applied to one’s own training and to various clientele types

  • Investigate Case Studies that demonstrate 4Q Program Design for different goals