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I design safe and effective programs for everyone seeking time efficiency, convenience and want to learn unique approach to health and fitness.


Whether you are a personal trainer or a busy individual:

  • ARE YOU LOOKING FOR innovation IN your training? 

  • DO YOU WANT TO save time? 

  • DO YOU Travel often?

  • DO YOU PREFER TO EXERCISE at home or IN THE parK? 

  • DO YOU WANT to stay in the peak form for longer? 


If any of these above resonates with you, then you are on the right page.


In my coaching career I have trained and interacted with thousands of people seeking health and fitness just like you and this is what I have learnt:

  • Quick fixes don't exist

  • Following a program which is designed for someone else can lead to an injury, lack of result, frustration and quitting the program

  • Sustainability and consistency are the main answers to create the change

  • Repeating the same training style over and over will most likely elevate the syndrome of "overdosage" thus variability in your training is promised

  • Only YOU can change you - I will be your guide - but you have to be committed and action the strategies

  • If you do not believe in the process you will just tick a box

At some point, if the things you are doing aren't working on your own, or with your current training, don't be afraid to ask for help!

Just like hiring an accountant to look after your finances (even if you are an accountant yourself), hiring a health professional to look after your physical wellbeing can give you a huge insight and results that you just cannot get from doing it by yourself. 


  • Safe and highly effective strategies with guidance

  • Strength, mobility, power, cardio and recovery programs tailored to your intensity, space and equipment availability

  • Injury prevention strategies

  • Save your time by filtering all noise you find on google

  • A program design for home training, outdoor or a gym

  • Heart, passion, knowledge and empathy

  What People say


"I started my online coaching with Jan after finding myself in a rut. As a trainer myself, I wasn’t practicing what I preached. I was doing too much too often which left me tired and stressed,  my recovery was poor,  I wasn’t making any progress or getting the results I wanted.

Jan’s programs pulled me back to the core of what my body and health needed. It gave me the opportunity to press reset, and follow the direction from a pure professional without having to think. The online platform allows me the freedom to fit my training into the framework of my hectic life. His passion and care for the people he helps is superb. There is no judgement, just a willingness to help you get where you want to be.  Along side his lovely wife Chantel, who is a fountain of knowledge also, they have provided me with a grounded, holistic program that I can fit into my busy schedule. I can’t recommend Jan and the online coaching highly enough."

Tegan, Coach at Fit Reflection, Sydney

Luky Hrdy

" I have been training with Jan, using his online program, for almost a year now. Even though I was little bit sceptical about the online coaching at the beginning I have to admit that it works perfectly. 

Jan always designs a great workout (considering my lifestyle and other sport activities) and replies promptly to my potential questions or feedback. His smart selection of exercises has helped me to get rid off my occasional lower back pain, I can move better in my everyday life and aI can even feel benefits of 4Q training model in my usual weight training. 

What I enjoy the most is the variety of exercises and using tools such as ViPR, or bands which were completely new to me before I started my online training. 

Finally, my favourite Jan's motto is " is doesn't matter how much knowledge you have if you don't care about people you guide". Jan has extremely extensive knowledge about health and fitness and what is most important for me - he truly cares about his clients. " 

Luke, Sydney

Over the last two years I have been working with Jan.  As a movement coach and remedial therapist I had all the knowledge I needed to prescribe myself the perfect program, so I thought. I contacted Jan in a particularly busy time in my life. I need someone to "do my thinking fo me" in regard to program wiriting. I felt at the time I needed someone to "be me for me" and tell me what to do while I was busy doing the same for my clients. 

Initially with the program being on line I thought it would just be a written program with a video or two showing a few exercises. I was content with that. That would have enough and what I needed at the time. 

Jan was a god send! Not only did I get the exact movement coaching I required but I gained ever so much more. With my particularly busy life Jan subtley pointed out and educated me in the importance of taking care of ourselves in every aspect of our lives. He did all this with the utmost professionalism. He not only tailored every exercise to my needs but every conversation, every piece of advise, every tiny interaction was tailored specifically to my needs and to who I am as an iduvidulal. 

It is because of my time spent with Jan, be it remotely, that I now have a far more balance life that not only I benefit from but so too does every person I interact with whether they are professional or personal relationships. I now look at the wolrd through very different eyes. 

I can not express enough gratitude for what Jan has shared with me. To say I highly reccommend him is too cliche, there are no words.

Christine, Coach at Devotion to Motion, Perth