Stress-Busting Recovery Techniques

Workshop Description: Have you ever had a client walk into a training session looking like they just got run over by a herd of elephants? For many of our clients, unmanaged and excessive stress greatly hinders their training progress and even puts them at jeopardy for injury or illness. That’s why this workshop will arm you with the necessary Recovery Techniques to help restore homeostasis and promote the stress relief your client so desperately needs!


  • Explore the Autonomic Nervous System and identify a need for down-regulating sympathetic tone with a client who may be overstressed

  • Discover variable breathing techniques designed to foster greater parasympathetic tone

  • Apply Restorative Poses: variable postures that promote relaxation and mindfulness

  • Investigate Case Studies that demonstrate how to use recovery techniques within a training session


  • 6 hours of content

  • e-Manual with all practical exercises

  • Certificate of Completion

  • Exclusive access to FB Alumni group for ongoing support