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IoM Combo: Engineering Health & Performance using the 4Q System + DeadStarts

  • Studio Forty6 Personal Training, MELBOURNE 46-50 Hawthorn Road Caulfield North, VIC, 3161 Australia (map)

Engineering Health and Performance using the 4Q System

Workshop Description: Ask most aging athletes and fitness enthusiasts what 20 years of repetitive exercise and training will do to the body: Run down....overused.... broken bodies.  That's because many training programs enhance fitness, but are not sustainable for long-term health or performance.

IoM's 4Q Training Model is the first and only training model that programs exercise for both Health-based outcomes and Sustainable Performance. After this workshop, you’ll walk away with an ability to design workouts that will keep your clients healthy and performing at the highest level for years to come!


  • Discover IoM’ 4Q Training Model and justify how it promotes health and sustainable performance

  • Classify exercises into each of the 4 quadrants for various training adaptations including Strength, Power and Mobility

  • Build 4Q Workouts that can be immediately applied to one’s own training and to various clientele types

  • Investigate Case Studies that demonstrate 4Q Program Design for different goals

  • Practice myriad drills for Strength, Power and Mobility

  • Find out how 4Q NM Programming Model can help your business

  • Be inspired by Master Trainer’s drills selection to expand your own library

DAY 2: Deadstarts: The missing link in Strength Training

When you think of deadlifting, you probably think of picking up a heavy barbell off the ground and lifting it to hip height. While this has a myriad of benefits to our overall strength, there is something really important missing from a typical deadlifting protocol: Many “Deadlifts” in real life demand moving a Sub-maximal load or our own mass (Bodyweight) from variable postures and moving mass in variable directions. Think of lifting a sleeping child out of a crib, shifting the groceries out of the deep part of the car trunk, or getting up from a lying position. In this workshop we’ll explore techniques related to the idea of Deadstarts, including Deadlifting, Deadshifting and Ground-to-Standing, all which are designed to help our clients develop the functional strength needed for many life and sporting endeavours.

Learning Objectives:

  • Define Deadstarts and justify their need in a Strength Training Protocol

  • Practice implementing various Deadlifting and Deadshifting exercises, including regressions and progressions

  • Practice implementing various Ground-to-Standing exercises, including regressions and progressions

  • Build Deadstart Workouts that can be immediately applied to one’s own training and to various clientele types

  • Investigate Case Studies that demonstrate Deadstarts as part of a Strength and Conditioning Program


  • 12 hours of content

  • e-Manual with all practical exercises

  • 1 month FREE access to IoM App

  • Certificate of Completion

  • Exclusive access to FB Alumni group