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ExPRO 2019

  • Suntec Convention & Exhibition Centre, Singapore Singapore Singapore (map)

The G2S Workout

Ground-to-standing (G2S) drills are exercises that enhance our ability to get up and down off the ground, the most famous being Turkish Get Up.

This workout will take you through 12 progressive G2S exercises that will enhance strength, mobility and cognitive function while creating a fun and engaging experience for all. Come learn how this form of exercise is being correlated with sustainable long-term health! 

Note: Participants must have the capability of getting up and down off the ground unassisted.

STRONG BUT AGILE: Resiliency for life & sport

Loaded movement training (i.e., movement-based resistance training) is a critical aspect of our life that is, in the gym arenas,  far too often overlooked or never truly understood. Speed, efficiency, positional strength, mobility and stability are all maximised with Loaded Movement Training. 

In this workshop,  you will learn the scientific rationale behind LMT and applications of this essential form of training for a variety of different populations, as well as valuable coaching strategies to ensure client success.

Later Event: July 1